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Build #1443

HQ 4.3 Downloads

Hyperic HQ on SourceForge

HQ 4.3 Features

SNMP v3 Support

HQ 4.3 has improved support for SNMP v3 authentication, and now also supports SNMP v3 privacy services. For more information, see SNMP Platform Service - HQ 4.3 Beta.

Enhanced Win32 Log Tracking

HQ 4.3 supports richer event logging for Win32 resources, so you can define more precise alert conditions to reduce alert volume. In previous versions of HQ, the log written for a Windows event contain the Source and the Message event attributes. In HQ 4.3, you can configure the HQ Agent to log additional event attributes, such as User and Computer, when logging a Windows event. For more information see Log Tracking.

New and Updated Plugins

  • DB2 Plugin - HQ 4.3 contains a new plugin for DB2 - db2jdbc-plugin.jar - that uses JDBC for monitoring. The previous HQ plugin for DB2 db2-plugin.jar used DB2 services to obtain metrics, and is now deprecated.
  • WebLogic Server - In HQ 4.3 the HQ Agent can communicate with a WebLogic Server Administration Server using Two-Way SSL.
  • WebSphere - In HQ 4.3, support for WAS 7.0 is added. Support for WAS 5.0 is removed.
  • Zimbra - In HQ 4.3, support for Zimbra 6.0.x is added.

Updates to HQapi

Changes in HQApi 3.1

  • Update Spring to 3.0.1.RELEASE.
  • HHQ-3773 - Allow extension of APIs and CLI using Spring
  • HHQ-3481, HHQ-3481 Add support to fix alerts with a reason/comment
  • Add support to create and update escalations with SNMPAction.
  • HHQ-3473, HHQ-3473 - Updated GroupApi to list groups containing a resource and to list groups not containing a resource.
  • Functionality added primarily to do integration testing for HHQ-3473. No corresponding CLI command was added.

Changes in HQApi 3.0

  • HHQ-3248, HHQ-3248 - Add ControlApi for running control actions and viewing control action history.
  • HHQ-3367, HHQ-3367 - Trim whitespace from properties included in
  • HHQ-3284, HHQ-3284 - Add EventApi for gathering events globally or by resource.
  • HHQ-3274, HHQ-3274 - If a password is not given on the command line or via the, prompt on the command line.
  • HHQ-3275, HHQ-3275 Add --properties option to CLI commands to override default location for user.home/.hq/
  • HHQ-3216, HHQ-3216 - Implement MetricDataApi.addData()
  • HHQ-3216, HHQ-3216 - Revamp metricData CLI command to allow metrics to be pulled for a single resource in addition to metrics. Allow different time windows to be specified and format output in human readable form rather than XML.
  • HHQ-3216, HHQ-3216 Split out APIs for pulling or adding Metric data into a new MetricDataApi. Old methods for pulling metric data have been deprecated.
  • HHQ-3244, HHQ-3244 Add better error handling to Resource create and updates. MetricApi.getMetrics(Resource r) and MetricApi.getEnabledMetrics(Resource r) has been combined into a single function which takes an enabled flag. These 2 APIs have been marked as deprecated.
  • HHQ-3230, HHQ-3230 - Add --conditionTypeExclude to allow definitions to be excluded
  • based on conditions. As part of this change --conditionType has been renamed to --conditionTypeIncludeHHQ-3217, HHQ-3217, HHQ-3019, HHQ-3019- Add AlertApi to allow for listing, fixing, acknowledging and deleting of alerts.
  • HHQ-3144,HHQ-3144 Add ServerConfigApi to allow manipulation of HQ server config settings.

Changes in HQApi 2.4

  • HHQ-396,HHQ-3960 - Allow filtering of alert definitions by priority.
  • HHQ-3925, HHQ-3925 - Add agent transferPlugin() AgentAPI and associated CLI command
  • HHQ-3924, HHQ-3924 - Add agent ping CLI command.
  • HHQ-3786, HHQ-3786 - Allow for listing of alerts from the CLI based on resourcedescription.
  • Add getAlertDefinitions() API to AlertDefinitionApi for finding alertsdefinitions for a list of Resources.
  • Add getResources() API to ResourceApi for finding Resources based ona description.
  • HHQ-3231,HHQ-3786|HHQ-3231,HHQ-3786] Allow alert definitions to be listed by resource,allowing for children resources to also be included. CLI support only includes platform Resource types via --platform.
  • HHQ-3768|HHQ-3768] Add --id and --name options to the group list CLI command.
  • HHQ-3785|HHQ-3785] Add command lines options to alert definition sync commandto allow for escalations and alert actions to be set and reset.
  • HHQ-3740|HHQ-3740] Allow to be executed from a symlinked directory.
  • Add support for --platform argument to command line group syncing.Like resource list, one of --prototype or --platform is required.
  • HHQ-3709|HHQ-3709] Allow group syncing via command line arguments to include child resources.
  • HHQ-3664|HHQ-3664] Increase application update/create by not using Groovy'sCollection.minus() and pre-fetch the application inventory prior to thesession being marked read-write.
  • HHQ-3624|HHQ-3624] For resource type alert definitions, update the "basic" information in a separate call so that the instance alert definitions are also updated
  • HHQ-3658|HHQ-3658] Add MetricApi.reschedule() API
  • HHQ-3603|HHQ-3603] Add support for location field for Resources.
  • HHQ-3583|HHQ-3583] Fix handling of -s and --secure CLI options.
  • HHQ-3565|HHQ-3565] Fix issue in MetricAPI causing all metrics to be shown asdefaultOn=false.

Changes in HQApi 2.3

  • HQ-3076, HQ-3076 - Add ApplicationApi.
  • HHQ-3422, HHQ-3422 Add support for AlertActions in the AlertDefinition API. Supported actions include ControlAction, ScriptAction and OpenNMSAction.

Issues Fixed in HQ 4.3

Issues Fixed in HQ 4.3.0

Known Issues in HQ 4.3

Known Issues in HQ 4.3.0

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