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What's New in Hyperic HQ 4.6

The Hyperic HQ 4.6 features described below are also in vFabric Hyperic 4.6.

Documentation Packaging and Publishing

The complete vFabric Hyperic documentation set is built in to Hyperic 4.6, and can be accessed by clicking help on any page in the Hyperic user interface. The Hyperic Server option to connect to the Hyperic support site ( for help content is removed from Hyperic 4.6. (In previous Hyperic releases, only help pages for the user interface were packaged in the product, and there was a configuration option on the HQ Server Settings page to toggle between product-internal help and help served from

Upon G.A. of VMware vFabric Platform 5.0, vFabric Hyperic 4.6 documentation, including downloadable PDFs, will also be available at, where Hyperic documentation will be published henceforth. Documentation for vFabric 4.6 and later will not be maintained on the Hyperic support site.

Product Plugin Management and Deployment

Hyperic 4.6 provides new features that ease the process of deploying and managing product plugins. These features include a user interface for managing product plugins, and new Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent behaviors for ensuring consistent plugin deployment across a Hyperic environment.

The new plugin management features are briefly described in the paragraphs below. For more detailed information, see "Plugin Deployment and Management" in vFabric Hyperic Administration at

Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager is a new user interface that enables you to deploy and manage plugins across a Hyperic deployment from the Hyperic user interface. You can use Plugin Manager to deploy and remove plugins on the Hyperic Server and all agents reporting to the server.

Server-Agent Plugin Synchronization

The new Server-Agent Plugin Synchronization (SAPS) feature ensures that product plugins are consistently deployed across a Hyperic deployment. SAPS is enabled by new behaviors on the Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent. When a Hyperic 4.6 Agent starts up, it sends a plugin status report to the Hyperic Server. If an agent's deployed plugins do not exactly match those deployed on the Hyperic server, the server updates the agent's plugins appropriately. Similarly, each time the Hyperic Server is restarted, it compares the product plugins it deploys to most recent plugin status reported by each agent — if an agent's deployed plugins do not exactly match those deployed on the Hyperic server, the server updates the agent's plugins appropriately. SAPS is enabled by default; it can be disabled using the new server.pluginsync.enable server property, described in the next section.

New Hyperic Server Property to Enable and Disable SAPS

Hyperic 4.6 provides a new Hyperic Server property, server.pluginsync.enable, which you can use to disable the SAPS feature described in the previous section. To disable SAPS, add server.pluginsync.enable=false to ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf, and restart the Hyperic Server.

Required Plugin Descriptor Element to Support SAPS

As of Hyperic 4.6, all product plugins must have a version. The version of a plugin must be specified in a <property> element in the root <plugin> element in the XML descriptor for a product plugin. For more information, see vFabric Hyperic Product Plug-in Development at

Security Changes

The paragraphs below briefly summaries new and changed security features in Hyperic 4.6. For more detailed information, see "Hyperic Security Features and Recommendations" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration at


If you use SSL for agent-to-server communication, you can use trusted SSL certificates from a certificate authority, or a self-signed certificate generated by Hyperic. Hyperic recommends you configure user-managed keystores for the Hyperic 4.6 Server and Hyperic 4.6 Agents. Using unverified certificate reduces the security of the Hyperic environment.

For a more secure environment, run only Hyperic 4.6 Agents with a Hyperic 4.6 Server.

Server Keystore

In Hyperic 4.6, for a -full installation, the installer prompts for whether you want to configure Hyperic Server for a user-managed keystore.

If you respond "yes", the installer prompts you to supply the path to the keystore and its password.

If you respond "no", the installer creates a keystore for the server, with a self-signed certificate.

For an -upgrade installation, the installer does not prompt for whether you want to configure Hyperic Server for a user-managed keystore. For compatibility with pre-4.6 Hyperic Agents, the installer automatically creates a keystore and self-signed certificate for the server.

The properties that configure location and password for a user-managed keystore on the server are server.keystore.path and server.keystore.password in ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf

Agent Keystore

By default, a Hyperic 4.6 Agent creates its own keystore with a self-signed certificate the first time it starts up. To configure the agent for a user-managed keystore, you must specify the path and password of that keystore in the file.

The properties that configure the location and password for a user-managed keystore on the agent are agent.keystore.path and agent.keystore.password in AgentHome/conf/

Certificate Validation

If the server presents an unverified certificate to a 4.6 agent, the agent warns that the authenticity of the Hyperic Server host cannot be established. It prompts for confirmation that you want to connect and import that certificate.

Similarly, if a 4.6 agent presents an unverified certificate to the 4.6 server, the server issues a warning, and prompts for confirmation to continue.

Upgrade Considerations

Instructions for upgrading the Hyperic Server and all Hyperic Agents to 4.6 are provided on "Hyperic 4.6 Upgrade Processes and Options" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration at

Note that if you use Hyperic Product plugins that communicate with managed servers over SSL, it may be necessary to import the managed server's SSL certificate into the Hyperic Agent's keystore. For more information, about SSL and Hyperic product plugins, see "Hyperic Security Features and Recommendations" in vFabric Hyperic Installation and Configuration at

iPad and iPhone Support

You can access the Hyperic 4.6 user interface from iPads and iPhones.

Updated Plugins

All Hyperic plugins XML descriptors are updated to define the version of the plugin as a <property> element named "version".

In addition, the following Hyperic plugins are updated with new functionality, or to support more recent versions of the managed product:

  • GemFire. Updated to support the security updates described above in Security Changes.
  • RabbitMQ. No longer requires access the erlang.cookie file — the plugin now uses the rabbitmq-management plugin. The configuration process has changed, and additional metrics are available. For more information see "RabbitMQ" in vFabric Hyperic Resource Configuration and Metrics at In addition, this plugin has been updated to support the security updates described above in Security Changes.
  • vSphere. Updated to support the security updates described above in Security Changes.
  • tc Server. Support for tc Server 7.0 added.
  • Jboss. Support for Jboss 5.1 and 6.0 added.
  • PostgreSQL. Support for PostgreSQL 9.0 added.
  • WebSphere. Improvements to enable better troubleshooting of auto-discovery issues.
  • WebLogic Server Plugin. Enhanced to enable discovery of node managers and managed servers in a WebLogic domain without accessing the Administration Server for the domain. In previous releases, it was necessary to discover the Administration Server for a domain, and then configure that resource with WebLogic Server credentials, in order to discover the node manager and managed servers in the domain.

HQApi Updates

Hyperic 4.6 includes HQApi 5.0. Changes include:

  • — Supports encrypted passwords, and can be stored in either ~/.hq or hqapi1-client-n.n.n/conf. In previous versions, the APIs look for server connection properties in ~/.hq/; to use a connection properties in a different location you had to supply the path to the on the command line, using the --properties command qualifier. (Supplying the properties file location on the command line is still supported.) For more information about specifying connection properties in a file, see "HQApi Command-Line Tools" in vFabric Hyperic Web Services API at
  • groovyshell — New API that allows you to run Groovy scripts from the command shell.
  • maintenance — Updated to enable maintenance downtime to be scheduled for individual resources. In previous releases, maintenance could only be scheduled for a group of resources.

Resolved Issues in Hyperic HQ 4.6

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ

Issues Fixed for Hyperic HQ (1 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5223 Closed Critical vmware, iis, ntds, exchange, mssql plugins have incorrect metric names

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.6.0

Issues Fixed for Hyperic HQ 4.6 (121 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5134 Closed Blocker Alert Center is not loaded correctly in OSS
Bug HHQ-5129 Closed Blocker setup-noniteractive fails if accept.unverified.certificates not set, causes MSI install to fail
Bug HHQ-5121 Closed Critical Groovy Console shows error after executing code a few times
Bug HHQ-5120 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - The configuration has not been set for this resource due to : Invalid configuration: Error reported by Agent @ Timeout occurred waiting on agent response.
Bug HHQ-5118 Closed Critical Unable to add control action to alert definitions if custom roles defined
Bug HHQ-5112 Closed Trivial Plugin Manager - missing error message for "Invalid xml" plugin upload
Bug HHQ-5108 Closed Trivial server.log is too verbose, should not each plugin transferred to an agent and when an agent restarts
Bug HHQ-5107 Closed Critical Agent.log reports Accept timed out every second in DEBUG
Bug HHQ-5105 Closed Blocker AIX agent install - Error: The algorithm is not supported. Error message:SunX509 KeyManagerFactory not available
Bug HHQ-5102 Closed Major Plugin Manager - upgrade agent from 4.5.2 to 4.6.0 does not update sync status
Bug HHQ-5101 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - Queues are not discovered
Bug HHQ-5099 Closed Major RabbitMQ - Server availability and metrics still report when SSL cert removed from keystore
Bug HHQ-5098 Closed Critical RabbitMQ plugin - Server Availability and Metrics not reporting for RabbitMQ 2.1.x
Bug HHQ-5094 Closed Blocker vSphere plugin - SSL configuration is lost with latest build and availability/metrics no longer report
Bug HHQ-5093 Closed Major Help information needed for RabbitMQ Configuration to instruct users to import SSL certificate to keystore
Bug HHQ-5088 Closed Major Error creating org.hyperic.hq.plugin.weblogic.WeblogicDetector: java.lang.InstantiationException
Bug HHQ-5087 Closed Trivial updated http client logs debug information instead of the error as set in when agent.logLevel=DEBUG
Bug HHQ-5079 Closed Major HQ vSphere continue to function with vCenter SSL certificate removed from keystore
Bug HHQ-5078 Closed Critical RabbitMQ support SSL
Bug HHQ-5076 Closed Critical Fixing alerts in batch with the "Fix all previous alerts" option causes 403 Forbidden error
Bug HHQ-5074 Closed Blocker Oracle upgrade from 4.5.0 to 4.6.0 is failing on running SchemaSpec: 3.207
Bug HHQ-5070 Closed Major Help information needed for vSphere Configuration to instruct users to import vCenter server SSL certificate to keystore
Bug HHQ-5066 Closed Blocker NullPointerException at LatherDispatcher's measurementSendReport
Bug HHQ-5063 Closed Critical RabbitMQ 2.1 no longer supported with Hyperic 4.6.0
Bug HHQ-5061 Closed Major Plugin Manager UI slows down in a scaled env
Bug HHQ-5060 Closed Major ConcurrentStats stat AVAIL_BACKFILLER_NUMPLATFORMS is incorrect
Improvement HHQ-5059 Closed Critical AgentSynchronizer needs better error handling
Bug HHQ-5057 Closed Blocker Autodiscovery for vSphere plugin doesn't work due to java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Bug HHQ-5052 Closed Major DOC: Use unix style paths when specifying keystore path in hq-server.conf and files
Bug HHQ-5050 Closed Minor SSL-When server importing agent cert, we should use a unique alias each time. (It was: All the keystore should have different "CN")
Bug HHQ-5045 Closed Blocker HQ Server fails to start after upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6
Bug HHQ-5042 Closed Minor HQ Server installer console/log shows admin user password text
Bug HHQ-5040 Closed Critical Trivial INFO log message at DefaultSSLProviderImpl can be removed
Bug HHQ-5031 Closed Blocker Server install failing when attempting to run chmod
Bug HHQ-5024 Closed Trivial gettime and puttime units wrong in gemfire plugin
Bug HHQ-5013 Closed Major Plugin Manager: The help doc link in agent sync status page is incorrect
Bug HHQ-5008 Closed Minor Removing a HQU plugin dir does not remove the entries in the database
Bug HHQ-5005 Closed Major Apache Tomcat 5.5 auto discovery disabled
Bug HHQ-5003 Closed Major Can't deploy plugin which contain xml include files
Bug HHQ-4997 Closed Major Compatible Groups browse listing is not showing the shortcut to alerts (the A next to the checkbox)
Bug HHQ-4985 Closed Minor HQ Health Page -> Database Query doesn't run after multiple query attempts at the same flow
Bug HHQ-4981 Closed Critical At startup orphaned plugin removal causes a removal sync to all agents, this should not occur
Bug HHQ-4979 Closed Major Get back JBoss Web (tomcat) support
Improvement HHQ-4974 Closed Critical Plugin manger should prompt user with resource details on plugin delete
Bug HHQ-4973 Closed Blocker HQ Server Upgrade 4.5 -> 4.6 (MySQL backend) has database index & constraint differences after upgrade
Improvement HHQ-4971 Closed Major Visual Indication like different color or icon for Customs Plugins to avoid version confusion
Improvement HHQ-4960 Resolved Major Logfile tracking on Apache server is case sensitive when checking for severity
Bug HHQ-4957 Closed Minor JarFiles need to be properly closed in the places they are used.
Bug HHQ-4944 Closed Major Plugin Manager header links doesn't have CSRF_NONCE
Bug HHQ-4931 Closed Critical HQHealth Links to Agents in Agent tab are broken and Alert Center,Event Center and Currently down and vSphere reource link are broken too
Bug HHQ-4929 Closed Minor Plugin Manager: "Report Center" missing from Analyze tab when viewing Plugin Manager
Bug HHQ-4928 Closed Minor EmbeddedActiveMQServerDetector leaks handles to files in webapps directory
Bug HHQ-4920 Closed Critical The availability downtime report is reporting negative uptime for end range
Bug HHQ-4919 Closed Critical Weblogic Log Track not catching entire line and date is set to 0 if timestamp cannot be parsed.
Bug HHQ-4889 Closed Major Show last 8 hours link is broken
Bug HHQ-4880 Closed Critical Plugin Manager - when removing plugins the pop up returns before the server responds to the request
Bug HHQ-4879 Closed Major HQ Health print report link throws stack trace
Bug HHQ-4878 Closed Critical ojdbc5- is missing from Agent bundle
Bug HHQ-4858 Closed Major Cannot Delete resources from Tools Menu
Bug HHQ-4849 Closed Major JMX mbean services don't report as down when the mbeans are not reachable
Bug HHQ-4830 Closed Critical Chart Metrics in indicators displays stack trace-"ParameterNotFoundException: entity ids not found "
Bug HHQ-4816 Closed Major Plugin Manager - A plugin will be marked "deleting" even though the user got a removal error because of permission issue.
New Feature HHQ-4815 Resolved Major SQL Server Unallocated Database Space Metric
Improvement HHQ-4813 Closed Major Plugin Manager - users should not be allowed to remove a plugin while AgentPluginStatus objs are SYNC_IN_PROGRESS
Improvement HHQ-4791 Closed Trivial Plugin Manager - Add Summary of Agent Sync Status
Improvement HHQ-4786 Resolved Trivial Plugin Manager - errors need to be localized
Bug HHQ-4784 Closed Major lists next day's alerts when alert date and time is 12:00am
Bug HHQ-4776 Closed Blocker Plugin Manager - certain plugins should never be allowed to be deleted
Bug HHQ-4774 Closed Critical HQ Server Upgrade (Oracle11g backend): java.sql.SQLException: ORA-30649: missing DIRECTORY keyword while upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6
Improvement HHQ-4773 Resolved Trivial Plugin Manager - add deleted field to EAM_PLUGIN table
Bug HHQ-4762 Closed Major Method exceeded message in server log "org.hyperic.hq.measurement.shared.MeasurementManager.handleCreateRefreshEvents(List) "
Bug HHQ-4760 Closed Major Add plugin filenames to the removal message in the Plugin Manager UI
Bug HHQ-4758 Closed Minor Plugin Manager - styling problem with "Select File" button in upload plugin dialog
Bug HHQ-4757 Closed Blocker HQ Server Upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6 throws org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException while creating dataPurgeJob bean during server startup
Bug HHQ-4755 Closed Major Plugin Manager - Agent with plugins.exclude option won't start.
Bug HHQ-4754 Closed Trivial HQ cannot function correctly without the hq-plugins dir, lots of NPEs
Bug HHQ-4752 Closed Major SAPS - UI status should eventually show failure if an agent is down and its plugins are not updated
Bug HHQ-4750 Closed Major SAPS - Change the Plugin Manager UI refresh behavior
Bug HHQ-4749 Closed Major SAPS - Add more robustness for agent transfer and reboot mechanisms
Bug HHQ-4748 Closed Major SAPS - Plugin Manager UI Icons need to be reviewed
Bug HHQ-4734 Closed Critical Cannot configure mysql Caused by: org.hyperic.hq.measurement.monitor.LiveMeasurementException:
Bug HHQ-4731 Closed Trivial Plugin Manager - a user can click upload button without selecting any plugin to upload
Bug HHQ-4726 Closed Critical Cannot Add Resources in Metric Viewer Portlet
Bug HHQ-4725 Closed Critical Cannot Add Resources in Favorite Resource Portlet
Bug HHQ-4719 Closed Minor Groovy Console highlights Analyze tab instead of Administrator
Bug HHQ-4718 Closed Major SAPS - Error on agent when deploying plugins in custom dir and server dir
Bug HHQ-4705 Closed Critical Review usage of Metric.toString()
New Feature HHQ-4695 Resolved Minor Allow configuring SNMP retries and timeouts along with other options on HQ screen
Bug HHQ-4688 Closed Critical Alert definition for Group and Resource Types are not displayed in Alert center
Bug HHQ-4669 Closed Major Websphere MQ plugin does not include the path to the necessary dlls on windows
Bug HHQ-4646 Closed Critical All services discovered are defaulted to hqadmin even when the owner of the server is not hqadmin.
Improvement HHQ-4643 Closed Critical Support ERS 4.x
Bug HHQ-4635 Closed Blocker Non-privileged user can manipulate Metric Templates
Bug HHQ-4634 Closed Trivial Overriding file can't be read on Windows
Bug HHQ-4633 Closed Major Text boxes shouldn't select default text when clicked
New Feature HHQ-4613 Closed Critical Product plugin manager UI
Bug HHQ-4604 Closed Critical Masthead drop down and Search are broken
Bug HHQ-4601 Closed Critical org.hyperic.hq.appdef.server.session.AIQSynchronizer.sync runs on every page
Improvement HHQ-4598 Closed Critical Upgrade our shipped ojdbc jar to ojdbc6.jar
New Feature HHQ-4597 Resolved Major The alert emails on a japanese system need to handle japanese characters
Bug HHQ-4595 Closed Minor RuntimeReportFilter should move to hq-pdk.jar
New Feature HHQ-4585 Closed Critical Product plugins should have their own version number
New Feature HHQ-4575 Resolved Major Add child processes metric to Process service
New Feature HHQ-4570 Closed Critical Plugins should be sync'ed in environment
New Feature HHQ-4569 Closed Critical Remove a product plugin and resources
New Feature HHQ-4568 Closed Critical Allow Hot deploy plugins to be "pushed"
Bug HHQ-4536 Closed Minor Clicking add (+ icon) for Add content to this column: when "Select Portlet" is selected results in a "bad" portlet being added
Bug HHQ-4533 Closed Major Performance issues with MetricsNotComingInDiagnostic
Bug HHQ-4502 Closed Major DBUpgrader can downgrade schema version
Bug HHQ-4482 Closed Blocker Agent doesn't start "Critical error running agent java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: MINUTES"
Bug HHQ-4481 Closed Minor NPE in agent log when its running discovery for VMs
Bug HHQ-4477 Closed Critical SSL - Security Warning error in IE when viewing HQU plugins that use Dojo 0.4.4 widgets
Bug HHQ-4366 Closed Major Gemfire plugin - MissingPropertyException displayed for stopped server in HQ GemFire view
Bug HHQ-4228 Closed Major Ops center page: alerts do not load when db contains large number of alerts
Bug HHQ-4225 Closed Major hq-stats log: jms_event_topic writes cumulative data over time instead of deltas
Bug HHQ-4101 Closed Major RSS feeds redirect to login page.
Bug HHQ-4038 Closed Major A badly written plugin will prevent HQ from starting
Bug HHQ-3820 Closed Major Server type Scan buttons doesn't work in New Auto discovery page
Bug HHQ-3781 Closed Minor Agent will not start in certain environments on solaris
Bug HHQ-3625 Closed Major Safari Browser 5.0.x issues
Bug HHQ-3559 Closed Critical Child resources do not have metrics rescheduled when parent configuration changes

Known Issues in Hyperic HQ 4.6

Known Issue with Firefox 3.x
Some pages in the Hyperic user interface intermittently appear blank in Firefox 3.x. The user interface was tested with Firefox 3.x and 4.x. The problem was detected in 3.x. For more information, see

Known Issues in Hyperic HQ

Known Issues for Hyperic HQ (1 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5458 Reopened Trivial Unable to see more than 15 Groups when trying to add additional Compatible Groups to an existing Mixed Group

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