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These release notes describe Hyperic HQ

Hyperic HQ 4.5 Downloads

Hyperic HQ installation packages are available at

Source code for Hyperic HQ and related Hyperic projects is available at

Hyperic HQ 4.5 Features

The sections below describe features and changes introduced in versions of the Hyperic HQ 4.5 release, starting with the most recent release.

New and Changed Features in Hyperic HQ 4.5.3

  • Admin account password changes require previous password — In Hyperic 4.5.3, to change the Hyperic admin account password, you must supply the previous password.

New and Changed Features in Hyperic HQ

Hyperic HQ has performance improvements, including reduced load time for dashboard portlets, and reduced agent overhead associated with metric scheduling.

New and Changed Features in Hyperic HQ

  • Updated apache Plugin — Updated to provide better support for ERS 4.x.
  • HQApi 4.3 — Hyperic contains HQApi 4.3, a new version of the web services API. Changes include:
    • A new API, groovyshell, allows you to run a Groovy script from the command shell.
    • The alertdefinition API has new options:
      • The alertdefinition list command has a new qualifier, agentId, for listing alert definitions for a particular agent.
      • The alertdefinition sync command has two new qualifiers, enable and disable, for enabling or disabling all alert definitions in a sync.
    • now supports encrypted passwords, and can be stored in either ~/.hq or hqapi1-client-n.n.n/conf. In previous versions, the APIs look for server connection properties in ~/.hq/; to use a connection properties in a different location you had to supply the path to the on the command line, using the --properties command qualifier. (Supplying the properties file location on the command line is still supported.) For more information about specifing connection properties in a file, see "HQApi Command-Line Tools" in vFabric Hyperic Web Services API at
  • Key fixes — Hyperic resolves a number of defects. Key defects that were fixed include:
    • A regression in 4.5.2 that caused a "403 Forbidden" error in the Groovy Console.
    • The availability calculation varied between the Indicators tab and the Metric Data tab.

New and Changed Features in Hyperic HQ 4.5.1

  • Updated RabbitMQ Plugin — A new version of Hyperic's rabbitmq-plugin is included in Hyperic HQ 4.5.1 and vFabric Hyperic 4.5.1. For more information see: Monitoring RabbitMQ.

New and Changed Features in Hyperic HQ 4.5.0

  • Hyperic Server Architecture Changes — Hyperic HQ 4.5 incorporates a number of architectural changes that enable improved developer productivity and better test coverage. The changes include:
    • Hyperic Server requires Java 1.6.
    • The EJB layer of Hyperic has been migrated to Spring 3.0.
    • In Hyperic HQ, Hyperic Server's internal application server is now Tomcat 6.0.29, rather than JBoss. As a result:
      • Mail server configuration is changed
      • Server directory structure is changed.
    • Hyperic Server launcher changes — The Hyperic Server launcher is now based on the Java Service Wrapper. Server startup is faster with the new launcher, and the use of the wrapper offers these advantages:
    • On Windows, configuration changes are simplified: changes that previously required registry edits no longer do.
    • In Hyperic packages that include an embedded PostgreSQL database, the embedded database is no longer a separate service to manage.
  • Hyperic Database User Password Encryption — Hyperic HQ 4.5 supports encryption of the HQ database user password. The installer prompts for an encryption key (which must be at least 8 characters in length) and saves the value to in the conf/hq-server.conf file.
  • New Plugins and Plugin Packaging
    • New GemFire Plugin — Hyperic 4.5 includes a new plugin for managing GemFire distributed caching deployments. For more information, see Monitor GemFire.
    • New RabbitMQ Plugin — Hyperic 4.5 includes a new plugin for managing RabbitMQ deployments. For more information, see Monitor RabbitMQ.
    • New NetApp Filer Plugin — Hyperic 4.5 includes a new plugin for managing NetApp Filer. For more information, see Monitor NetApp Filer.
  • Tomcat Servlet Plugin and Support Files are Removed — The deprecated servlet-plugin.jar and associated support files (which in previous versions of Hyperic were installed in the AgentBuildDir/product_connectors directory), are removed in Hyperic 4.5. Users who still use servlet-plugin.jar to monitor TomCat are encouraged to migrate to Hyperic's JMX-based plugin for monitoring Tomcat — tomcat-plugin.jar.
    Hyperic 4.5 does not support servlet engine monitoring for Resin 2.x and JRun 4.x.
  • Path to Hyperic Server's Plugin Directory is Changed — The directory where you deploy resource plugins on the Hyperic Server is changed from ServerHome/hq-engine/server/default/deploy/hq.ear/hq-plugins to:
  • New Jar for Running Plugins from Command Line — In Hyperic 4.5 the utility for command-line execution of HQ resource plugins is AgentHome/bundles/agent-VERSION/pdk/lib/hq-pdk-4.5.jar. (Previously, the utility for command-line execution of HQ resource plugins was AgentHome/bundles/AgentBuildDir/pdk/hq-product.jar).

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ 4.5

Issues Fixed in Hyperic HQ

Issues Fixed for Hyperic HQ (4 issues)
Type Key Status Priority Summary
Bug HHQ-5495 Closed Minor Issue inititializing JAXBContext
New Feature HHQ-5492 Closed Major Allow resources to be filtered from RuntimeReport
Bug HHQ-4849 Closed Major JMX mbean services don't report as down when the mbeans are not reachable
Bug HHQ-3582 Closed Major Cannot delete user which was used to create other users

Issues Fixed in Previous Releases

Known Issues in Hyperic HQ 4.5

This section lists the known issues in the most recent version of the Hyperic HQ 4.5 release.

Known problem with Windows installations
If Hyperic HQ 4.5 or vFabric Hyperic 4.5 is installed in a directory whose name contains spaces, for example "Hyperic 4.5", HQU and HQ resource management plugins fail to load upon startup of the Hyperic Server. To solve this problem, uninstall the Windows server uninstall windows service using hq-server.bat remove, remove the installed files, and reinstall the server in a directory whose name does not contain spaces.
Server will fail to start after upgrade to 4.5.3 due to error in new server.xml if another tomcat process is running.
In Hyperic 4.5.3, the Hyperic Server's internal application server (Tomcat or tcServer) listens for shutdown commands on port 8005 — the default shutdown port for Tomcat. This port should be disabled.

If there are other Tomcat or tc Server instances on the Hyperic Server host listening on 8005, the Hyperic Server will fail to start.

The problem occurs because the Hyperic Server's application server is configured in server.xml to use shutdown.port instead of base.shutdown.port.

The work-around for this problem is to re-configure the Hyperic Server's internal application server to use base.shutdown.port.

Open server-4.5.3-EE/hq-engine/hq-server/conf/server.xml and change the second line from:


Known Issues in Hyperic HQ

Known Issue in Previous Releases

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