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The HyperFORGE was created to facilitate collaboration on plugins and documentation for they Hyperic Community.

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Getting Started

Check out these resources on how the Hyperic HyperFORGE works, and how you can contribute to help other Hyperic community members save time and manage their web applications better.


Contributing to HyperFORGE


HQU Plugins (?)

Groovy plugins that extend the UI, automation and functionality of HQ.

Contributed Docs

Custom documentation to tailor HQ for individual needs.

Contributed Tools

Non-HQU based extensions for automation and functionality of HQ.

Management Plugins (?)


Hardware, Operating Systems and Devices.

Operating System Metrics

Network Management

Hardware Metrics



Software that runs directly on an platform.

Web and Proxy Servers

Application Servers

Mail Servers





Services & Applications

Independent platform and software services, and packaged applications.

Integrated Applications

Distributed Services

Building Blocks

Platform Services

List all Contributed Plugins (not supported)

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